Uthayan T. Rajah, PhD, RSE, LC, P. Eng.
Uthayan T. Rajah, PhD, RSE, LC, P. Eng.
Dr. Uthayan T. Rajah, BASc (Hon.), MSc, PhD, RSE, LC, P. Eng., is a Senior Engineer with over twenty years of experience in Electrical Engineering and Lighting field. He is a Lecturer and Stewart at Ryerson University.
Ryerson University, Toronto.
OU Elite Research Institute Professional Experience

Professional Experience

Uthayan Thurairajah has over 20 years experience in electrical and lighting design, and managed a variety of electrical design projects involving traffic control signals, high mast lighting, and conventional illumination. He also acquired a wide range of theories, principles, and practices of electrical / electronic engineering, computer applications, installation / maintenance of electrical systems as well as administration processes. In addition to a solid understanding of the policies / procedures of Ministry of Transportation as well as municipalities, regions and others; Uthayan has developed good project management, technical, analytical, organizational, interpersonal and problem solving abilities along with written and oral communication skills that would enable him to work independently or in a team.

The following classes/programs will be provided by the OU Elite Research Institute:

OU-01 Corporate and Third-Party Training Holistic Lighting, Human-Centered Lighting & Advanced Lighting Design
OU-02 Qualifying Examination Preparation Professional Engineering & Lighting Exam preparation
OU-03 Professional Development Lighting Design & Electrical Design for Professionals
OU-04 Spiritual Program Spiritual/Religious Studies (Duration: 1 hours to 39 hours)
OU-05 Children Program Public Speaking, Leadership Camp, Peace Studies
OU-06 Language Training English, Tamil, French
OU-07 GO for Human Ethics, Liberty and Peace (GO HELP) Information Session, Seminars and Free Services for Human Rights and Peace building
OU-08 Personal Interest or Hobby Courses: Public speaking, Reading, Creative Writing
OU-09 Professional occupations in health diagnosing and treating Light Treatment, Low Light Therapy, Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD)
OU-10 Practitioners of natural healing Light Therapy, Color Therapy

The learning and analysis serve as a foundation of knowledge.  Where would science, engineering, and medicine be without inquiries? The connection between research, application, and practice may vary.  Electrical and Lighting investigations are a good example.