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OU Elite Research Institute

OU Elite Research Institute (ORI) owes you the best knowledge in electrical engineering and lighting field and impart wisdom to students, professionals, researchers, and the public. ORI would like to promote UNESCO values and the integration of international perspectives into the institute. We contribute to the development of innovative educational content including new teaching methods and learning approaches to change the communities. We undertake multidisciplinary projects related to electrical and lighting, sustainable development, energy saving, alternative therapy, intercultural learning, peace, and human rights.

The following classes/programs will be provided by the OU Elite Research Institute:

OU-01 Corporate and Third-Party Training A. Holistic Lighting, B. Human-Centered Lighting, C. Advanced Lighting Design D. Professional Lighting Design
OU-02 Qualifying Examination Preparation A. Professional Engineering & B. Lighting Exam preparation
OU-03 Professional Development A. Introduction to Lighting Design & B. Electrical Design for Professionals
OU-04 Spiritual Program A. Spiritual Studies, B. Religious Studies
OU-05 Children Program A. Public Speaking, B. Leadership Camp, C. Peace Studies
OU-06 Language Training A. English, B. Tamil, C. French
OU-07 GO for Human Ethics, Liberty and Peace (GO HELP) A. Information Session, B. Seminars, C. Human Rights and Peace building
OU-08 Personal Interest or Hobby Courses: A. Public speaking, B. Reading, C. Creative Writing
OU-09 Professional occupations in health diagnosing and treating A. Light Treatment, B. Low Light Therapy, C. Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD)
OU-10 Practitioners of natural healing A. Light Therapy, B. Color Therapy
The learning and analysis serve as a foundation of knowledge.  Where would science, engineering, and medicine be without inquiries? The connection between research, application, and practice may vary.  Electrical and Lighting investigations are a good example.  The “science” of electricity, light, and photometry carried out in the early 19th century. The connection between modern practitioner and research has been confused. The electrical and lighting industry is fighting for acknowledgment and resources.

There is a fundamental link between research, education, and application.  A question needs to be investigated and find solutions and then educate people and then ask the next question.  We increase our knowledge every time through this cycle.  The need to research any technical field is necessary.  The lamp sources, ballasts, and the photometric standards are the traditional research and development in the lighting field.  The energy and sustainability researches have led to valuable innovations such as lighting controls, wireless control systems, and energy-efficient luminaries such as LED.

Most of the Designers do not understand research’s link to their work in any meaningful way.  The current lighting research focuses include new materials, solid-state lighting, roadway lighting, building systems performance, daylighting, and the impact of light on human biology and health.  OU Elite function is to bridge the gap between the various components of the industry to maintain focus on lighting and electrical power and control research initiatives. The OU Elite Group’s research areas target energy efficiency, controls, daylighting, Light and health, and human factors, product development and take various project forms including scientific investigation, manufacturer partnerships, and joint ventures with other companies.
We want to play an active role in leading research studies for solid-state lighting, light therapy, circadian regulation, and core technology research and product development.  The research should be part of the cultural expectations of the practitioner.  We are trying to work on the cutting edge.  We have to define the future research needs and how to develop those research into the practice of electrical and lighting design.

Principal is a leading international researcher in the study of Light and heath and is Professor of OU Elite Research Institute. He has published numerous articles on Light and health, and presented papers in several international conferences. For more information, please contact Subo Sara, Director of Education at 647-988-6171 for admission and other information.